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RM2 Vegetarian …hmmm.. delicious .. sedap …oishi …


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rm2 veg @ kwang tong ,sg chua kajang, malaysia – vegetarian restaurant

go straight from CIMB towards the end shop turn to left .. you can see the shop with green banner "RM2 vegetarian" (in chinese... pss.. i unable to write/read chinese thou).

you can have 3 dishes + 1 rice for only RM2 ... all RM2 for the A MUST vegetarian "fooyee" chicken drumstick rice* (tue,thurs & sat), nasi lemak *(wed, fri & sun), wantan mee, pan mee, bee hoon - dry (konlow), soup or curry per bowl/plate...

also the MUST TRY breakfast menu "Fried Tom Yam Bee Hoon" , "Curry Pan Mee" "Dry Wantan Mee" , fried rice, fried yee mee, the "tong shui""Green beans and sweet potatos", "Red Beans" , malt jok , bubur cha cha ..

and not forgetting the afforable 3 dish + 1 rice variety of dishes to choose from mixed rice .. RM2 a plate .

Shop open from 7 am - 3pm (will open for dinner soon)

Off on Monday but will open if the 1st / the 15th of chinese calendar fall on Monday

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Welcome to the Vegetarian world! Eat healthy, go green ..

What’s make me start this vegeratian blog? well to be honest i just wanted to create awareness and have the intention to introduce that its not expensive to eat healthy at the same time go green .

I also wanted to introduce this delicious and very afforable RM2 vegetarian meal restaurant.

From now on i will try my best to update more interesting related articles so that we may understand more on this topic. i hope that you will share with us too your experience, comments, ideas , recipe and etc.. etc ok..

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